THE EAGLE NEWS newspapers

Eagle News newspapers, Crown Jewel regional magazines, Eagle View Television, ProBiz Business Expos and the internet website ( are members of a complete interactive consumer and business marketing communications network between one of the country’s largest consumer groups and the country’s most sophisticated providers of goods and services. The editorial focus of EN centers around news analysis, information, professional advice, lifestyle trends and community success stories. A sampling of editorial topics include the following:


• Editorials/Commentaries

• Political Newsmakers

• VIP & Professional Interviews

• Issue Analysis

• Local

• Regional

• National

• International


• Calendar of Events

• Car & Travel

• Fashion & Beauty

• Health & Fitness

• Movies & Music

• Religion

• Arts & Culture

• Comics


• Investment Advisory

• Success Profiles

• Technology

• Careers & Business

Circulation Strategy

The circulation strategy for EN centers around the top Black neighborhoods, major transportation centers, major grocery chain stores, local convenience shops, bookstores, municipal and state office sites, public offices, shopping centers, churches, hotels, restaurants, night clubs and home delivery. Our summer 1994 “launch” circulation of 50,000 in four monthly editions will grow to 60,000 in five twice-monthly in the first quarter, 2004. Additionally our ability to serve major regional and national advertisers has been enhanced with our internet website:(