:President's Message:

We at the Cultural heritage Museum Project (CHMP) sincerely thank all of our supporters and contributors over the past few years. Due to your generosity we have been able to purchase the building at 242 S. Queen Street. Also we made some cosmetic changes to upgrade the facility for minimum use during our pre-construction phase. We repaired or replaced nearly twelve windows, installed a unisex bathroom and added temporary heating and air-conditioning on the first floor. The walls have been painted to handle temporary exhibits and displays.

Overall we need $5 million to renovate the existing building ($250,000 - Phase - I) and construct a 10,000 square foot exhibit center and lecture hall ($2 million - Phase - II). Additionally, an initial collection of original artifacts, images and memorabilia will cost $500,000. The remaining amount will establish a permanent endowment to cover annual operating costs of $300,000 per year. We need your continued support to complete Phase - I of the CHMP.

Please join now and make a contribution towards building a better quality of life for our community.

Sincerely, Malcolm


The Black Heritage Society, inc. was organized in the winter of 2000 to create a new economic development catalyst for Kinston, Lenoir County and eastern North Carolina through development of a new state-of-the-art Cultural Heritage Museum Project (CHMP) on South Queen Street in Kinston, NC. This heritage tourism project will pay tribute to the more than 200,000 Black soldiers and their 7,000 white officers who fought in the American Civil War, with emphasis on the US Colored Troops from North Carolina; it will pay tribute to Black Military veterans from the area; Carl Long and the Negro Baseball League Players; local heroes, Africa and Black History in general.

The CHMP will feature educational displays and technological presentations, which will compliment the activities and themes of the many Civil War attractions and battlegrounds throughout the East Carolina region and the South. The museum will also serve the learning needs of schools, local and national, history buffs and the community and nation at large.

The primary aim of the Cultural heritage Museum Project is to generate jobs, promote economic expansion opportunities and create a unified community vision for progress.


Our African Connection

We have developed solid relationships with Africa and the African Diaspora community in America, the Caribbean, South America and Canada. The Black Heritage Society will become an active member of the Western Hemisphere African Diaspora Network (WHADN). The prime purpose of WHADN is to connect persons of African descent with continental Africans for mutual growth and prosperity.

Recently the African Union sponsored a workshop in Trinidad and Tobago to discuss structuring a new relationship with the African Diaspora. This can be the new "Pan African Movement" which includes culture, health, political stability, trade and investment and other issues. Also a forum on the new African Union was held at the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) to discuss implementation of the new initiative as well as trade and investment issues. For more information, view

Beech and Professor Omatayo Olaniyan, acting Permanent Representative, for the African Union to the United Nations.
Beech and Mme. Jeanette Ndlhovu, Consul General, South Africa.


Kinston, NC --- Recently the Golden Leaf Foundation awarded a $25,000 grant to the Black heritage Society to research Lenoir County United States Colored Troops (USCT) members and their descendants. Also the grant will partially support the Spring Symposium of the United States Colored Troops Institute on March 4-6, 2005 at the Hampton Inn. Other requirements of the 12-month grant include collaboration with Pride of Kinston, and the Historic Preservation group to develop a heritage tourism plan for Kinston. Planning sessions should begin soon with all interested parties associated with heritage tourism.

It is estimated that over 160 Kinston-Lenoir County residents served in the USCT. According to National Park Service records, at least six regiments of the USCT participated in the "Advance on Kinston and Goldsboro March 6 - 21". The US Colored Infantry regiments were the 5th Regiment, 6th Regiment, 27th Regiment, 37th Regiment, 39th Regiment and the 107th Regiment, 18th Corps, Army of the James. The 37th Regiment was organized February 3, 1864, from the 3rd North Carolina Colored Infantry.

The Cultural Heritage Museum will feature permanent exhibits of the USCT and house the largest collection of USCT artifacts and memorabilia in the entire state of North Carolina.